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History of Goshin Kan

The Karate-Do Goshin-Kan was established in 1987 by a group of black belt members. The objective of the Association is to promote karate both as a competitive sport and as a martial art through physical and mental conditioning.

The Association runs nine dojos distributed in various parts of the territory and has a membership of about 500. It is affiliated to the International Karate-Do Goju-Kai Association (registered in Japan) and a member of the Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong China Ltd. (which in turn is affiliated to the Amateur Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, the Asia Union of Karatedo Association and the World Union of Karatedo Association). With the strong technical and administrative ability of Goshin-Kan, Karate-Do Goshin-Kan has become one of the most well known karate-do schools in Hong Kong. The students regularly take part in local as well as international competitions and seminars, and notable results have been achieved. Senior members of the Association had served in the Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong China Ltd. as Chief Referee, Legal Adviser, Referees Coaches and key administrative officials.